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1 Supports more parameters for Sales Order status email template.
2 Integrated with SF API, which allows create SF Shipping Order and Print Shipping Label in ERP.
3 Allow input custom payment terms in PO.
4 In “Return to Vendor” and “Stock Transfer”, when click on the “Approve” button, if there are more than one items insufficient for allocation, the error message should display ALL insufficient items at one time.

Allow change Ship Date by changing SO status in Sales Order.

– User can define the SO Status with Ship Date changed

– The Ship Date will be changed automatically when the Status changed at Sales Order

 6Added a new page “Batch Sales Order Processing” for reprinting SO, proforma invoice, and change SO status by batch.
7 Added a new page “Batch Invoice Processing” for reprinting Invoice, and changing Invoice status by batch.
8In ITEM_02, added “Received Warehouse” column.
 9In Sales Dashboard, added “Unit Price” and “Net Unit Price” columns.
10Allow define custom payment terms under Customer section.
11Add a new field to add or deduct other cost in Pay Vendor / Received Payment.

Allows adding AR by Sales Order number.

– If Sales Order number is inputted and the Sales Order is not billed, then redirect user to add sales deposits.

13Added a new page to allow using more than one Credit Note at the same time.
14Allow partial refund Sales Order Deposit in ERP.
15Allow defining a customer price group as SRP (Suggested Retail Price) at corporation level.

Added a new import PO excel format to assign stock to different warehouses.

– In ERP > Purchase > Import Purchase Order > Import POs in Warehouses


Allow ignore the reserved stock when allocating stock in “Stock Transfer” and “Adjust Stock” in ERP.

– If there are insufficient stock for allocation, system will ask whether to ignore the reservation if there are some items reserved for Sales Order or Consignments


Allow change warehouse in all lines of a transaction which includes:

– Consign to Customer

– Sales Order


In Sales_01 Report:

– Add total of Paid Amount under payments section

– Add date range (From Date and To Date) parameter for filtering


 In ERP > Invoice > Add New Invoice (Bill SO List Page), add a new item filter

– Any Sales Order which include the item will be selected

* If there are insufficient stock to be allocated for All items in the selected Sales Order, the selected Sales Order will not be billed (e.g. the selected Sales Orders includes Item A and Item B, if Item B does not have enough stock, the Sales Order will not be billed)

21 Allows searching for “Shipment Tracking Code” in Fast Search at Sales Order and Invoice List in ERP, also added Tracking Code column at Sales Order and Invoice List.
22Modify Requests List page to allow user to select by batch and set the fulfilment needed.

Add Purchase Price of items into new reports which are based on LOGI_02 and LOGI_02A

– Two columns will be added: “Purchase Currency” and “Purchase Price”, obtained from the item master record

24Show total gross weight in the SO and Invoice.


1Add option to determine rounding level in POS
2Allow partial refund Sales Order Deposit in POS.