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We understand that all SMEs are not the same.

All SMEs face their own individual challenges. Our expert consultant will provide tailored business advice and solutions for SMEs getting in trouble on their businesses. We give suggestions on how to improve current workflow, solution development, and system customization to help businesses take their next steps.

Is the service completely free?

Our consultancy service is completely free. 

We aim to show a tailored-made demonstration in order to increase your sales revenue. Our experts will provide
✓ 45 minutes face-to-face conversation

*If you wish to have further discussion and improve your company service, additional fee may be charged.

Are there any security and data privacy concerns when providing information?

Our experts will go through your website, Facebook Fan Page, Mobile Application and so on. This means that unless you voluntarily and knowingly provide us with back-end information, no back end information will be used.