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What is MOSES NET?

As a multifunctional online shop platform that goes beyond traditional operations to facilitate purchase and sales, MOSES NET works with MOSES ERP system to provide intelligent website management functions and enable enterprises to manage online transactions.


  • Integrate with MOSES ERP

    Manage everything in one platform

  • Applicable for both retail and wholesales online

    Especially suitable for SMEs

Uniqueness of MOSES NET

MOSES NET is a feature-rich, easy-to-use, scalable, and adaptable online shop platform that provides end-to-end solutions for merchants and online sellers. It aims at offering a convenient and scalable platform to all small and medium-sized enterprises in Hong Kong.

Real-time synchronization with MOSES ERP

Stable data transmission ensures online shops, other sales channels, back-end office, and warehouses can share data synchronously, allowing business to operate more efficiently. 

Comprehensive payment & logistic integration

• Online credit card payment: VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay, Aeon
• Popular payment gateways: Paypal, Stripe, Asiapay
• e-Wallets options: PayMe, FPS, Apple pay, Google pay, WeChat Pay, Alipay
• Logistic Partners: SF Express, SF pick up points, EC Ship

Enhancement of search engine ranking

Auto generation of sitemaps for search engines to crawl the website contents and easily to get higher ranking and visibility

Functions & Features

Please contact our experts for full list of functions & features. 

Price and product management

• Support multiple online payment functions, multi-currency payment

• Simultaneous setting of retail price and wholesale price for retail customers and distributors

Membership system

• Exclusive offers to specific customer group

• Support live chat function

• Support cash dollars redemption

Featured Projects

ManFook Jewellery


ManFook Jewellery is a local jewelry brand which was established in 1997. They become one of the favorable brands in Asia because of their special and noble designs, use of natural raw materials and reasonable price.

Manfook has chosen MOSES NET to develop brand image and improve the shopping experience of customers. We provide professional advice for clients according to their business nature and positioning to design a webpage which fits their brand image. Manfook’s webpage has simple and neat design so to bring out a noble brand image.

Moreover, the layout of MOSES NET backend system is user-friendly so that users are not required to have professional IT skills to make any updates such as uploading products and updating layout on web. This could achieve seamless connection between online and offline promotion. Webpage could also be connected with television screens of different outlets and to instantly update gold price information on webpage and screens to provide a better overall experience to customers.

Pro-Dive was established in 1994, their businesses include selling equipment of high quality brands and providing professional maintenance services. They are currently owned by mic21, the biggest Japanese diving group.

The webpage developed by Moses can be described as an online display room. Other than showing various products and prices, product information is connected with MOSES ERP, MOSES POS and MOSES NET to let customers update new product and price information.

Our system also supports unlimited product types and units, multiple sizes, weights, codes and picture formats. In order to record vast amounts of information, Pro-Dive only needs to use Microsoft Excel to complete the one-time data entry process instead of entering it one by one. This could effectively lower the risk of having errors and operation costs.



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