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What is MOSES APP?

MOSES APP integrates with MOSES ERP to provide one stop service for retail business for both Android and iOS mobile platforms.  It helps to increase business efficiency. 


  • Deepen the interaction between consumers and brand

    Push notifications, user-friendly layout

  • Understand customers’ shopping behavior

    formulate more effective marketing strategies

Uniqueness of MOSES APP

Real-time synchronization with MOSES ERP

Stable data transmission ensures mobile app, other sales channels, back-end office, and warehouses can share data synchronously, allowing business to operate more efficiently. 

Personalize offerings

• Provide limited time offers and store location search to improve customers’ shopping experience and brand loyalty

• Understand customers’ shopping behavior to formulate more effective strategies  

Simple content management system

Content management is very similar to Microsoft Word, which is very suitable for users who are not familiar with IT to upload and update content

Featured Projects

Victoria Wine Cellar

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Since 2009, Victoria Wine Cellar Limited has brought high quality living lifestyle for wine-lovers – to own a set of personalized, rare, unique and pleasant collection to ensure a satisfactory drinking experience.

Victoria Wine Cellar picked Moses ERP, Moses POS, Moses NET and Moses APP to facilitate business computerization and systematically manage sales, purchase, stocks, account, products, pricing, logistics, online shop and retail. Moses could design customized reports based on business operation and analyses status of operation and sales in wider perspectives to formulate the most suitable marketing strategy.

Moses APP also supports various kinds of payment methods, so that member’s personal data could be synchronized with PayPal account and customers do not need to fill in their personal information again to process the payment by using PayPal. This could greatly enhance customer’s shopping experience.
The major businesses of CityLink are selling communication and digital products and providing professional after sales services. They have multiple retail outlets located in Hong Kong and Kowloon New Territories, serving over 2 million people.

CityLink integrates MOSES APP with MOSES ERP, NET and POS to provide one-stop solution. Everything has been synchronized for easier management, including price setting, inventory and membership management.


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HK Now Store

Now Store is a shop specifically selling Rubik’s Cube. They have expanded from an online shop to two physical stores within two years. At the beginning, product items of Now Store only available at eBay and Yahoo. However, with growing sales amount, these online platforms could not fulfill their demands on sales and member management.

With the help of Moses APP, Moses POS and Moses NET, it could enhance the user’s shopping experience by facilitating orders automation. A smoother browsing layout could also bring a better purchase experience to users with higher user interaction rate such as sending them discount notifications periodically. After using Moses, Now Store was able to make a sales increase of 336% and keep a steady increase in sales every year.

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