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Established in 2008

Our self-developed system MOSES has been awarded the Best SME ICT (Product) Silver Award in 2013.

MOSES is an enterprise resources planning (ERP) system that we developed for SMEs. It is a cost-effective all-in-one SaaS solution that helps companies to manage their core business, retail business, and online sales in a single platform.

We have been growing with our customers. Our professional team has delivered services to more than 1,500 users in non-profit and commercial sectors (education and healthcare, hotel and restaurant, food and beverage, financial, utilities, retail, wholesale and manufacturing industries).

We popularize IT solution.

Nowadays business resources management system can be very costly and SMEs choose to handle the computerized work using human resources.

Our mission is to encourage and assist SMEs to use information technology to improve their productivity and enhance competitiveness.

Chinese name of MOSES, 營商易 means support SMEs for easy business management, while MOSES is the name of the great prophet, MOSES in bible old testament. He led Israel to escape from Egypt and use the God’s stick to separate the Red Sea.

The wording “Red Sea” is also meaningful in the modern business world. The book “Blue Ocean Strategy” written by Kim and Mauborgne described that “red sea” with all of blood is the only result for pricing competition. Therefore, the only way to survive is to develop the “blue sea”, which is the not yet developed market.

MOSES is the resources planning system that we invented for SMEs, which is a low price but one-stop business management solution. Let SMEs lower their costs and prevent information or customer loss caused by human mistakes. This acts like leading SMEs to walk though the red sea to develop their own blue sea market.

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BEST SME ICT (Product)

Silver Award

MOSES Enterprise E-Commerce and POS System

The system is a one-stop online enterprise management system for local SMEs. It includes an ERP module for sales, purchase, inventory, logistics and accounting; a POS module for multi-shop operation and membership management; and an online sales module for running online shops and distribution operations. The modules are connected to provide an easy-to use working environment for staff and an easy-to-manage platform for management to keep track of the operation and financial status. Mobile version and social media connection are also provided in the system.

Comments from Judging Panel

This system provides comprehensive and easy-to-use functions to address the real operational needs of local SMEs. The seamless integration of different modules is the key to ensure data accuracy, reduce operational time and foster a set of business practice to be used by SMEs. So far, over local 80 companies are using the system for their daily operations. This good market performance well demonstrates the market acceptance and a good potential for the product to get larger market share in the SME sector.

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